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    Mentor did not look good in the second half of a strange win over Lakeside, but Coach Bob Krizancic is hoping the Cardinals got the lackluster performance out of their system. If not, second-seeded Brush is very talented and capable of beating any team. Mentor is looking for contributions from all five starters, but it begins with guards Jaron Crowe and Cole Krizancic. This is why second hand bags are really useful. These bags are usually in a good condition when they are sold by a seller, and are available at great prices. Many people say that you can buy at least two or three second hand branded bags in the price of one original new branded bag.

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    (Reuters) - Airlines should charge obese passengers more, a Norwegian economist has suggested, arguing that "pay as you weigh" pricing would bring health, financial and environmental dividends. Bharat Bhatta, an associate professor at Sogn og Fjordane University College, said that airlines should follow other transport sectors and charge by space and weight. The "hands-free" video game is played by directing oneself right or left in the urinals at the Lehigh Valley IronPigs' Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

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